19 October, 2015

2nd Event by Ruchess Academy - Pictorial Report

After the success and good response for the first event of Ruchess academy, we organized a second Friendly Rapid Open Chess Tournament on 10th Oct 2015.

It was a great event with many interesting games being played. Sharing some of the moments here through pictures.

Pictorial Report

Read the detailed report of our first event here.

Thinking in progress!

Players in action

Everyone curious to follow the games

Our Academy hall

Players involved in rapid games

The picture says it all!

When the excitement rises, the players rise!

A friendly moment during the event

A long view of the hall

Capturing the excitement of the games

Top games in action

A moment during prize-giving 

Capturing the audience

Announcing the winners

Anish Gandhi receiving the first prize of our 2nd Friendly Rapid Open Tournament from Businessman Ajay Ramaiya Sir 

Final Standings

Keep enjoying Chess!

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