25 May, 2015

Winning a tournament... for the sixth time!

22nd May 2015 was a good day for me as I won the Women's Open Rating Tournament at Sangli. It is always a wonderful feeling to win a tournament. It is the glorious moment of all the hard work and preparation. But what's more special is that this is the sixth time that I am winning this tournament!

So here I have decided to bring together the winning moments, and the pictures with the beautiful rolling trophy from all these years.

Nutan Buddhibal Mandal of Sangli organizes a chess festival in the month of May every year. One of the most important event of this festival is the Women's Open Rating Championship. It is a great event which encourages Women's Chess in which players from all over the country come to participate and compete. I have been playing tournaments in Sangli since I was eight, and I have gained a lot of experience by playing in these tournaments. 
I present to you my glorious moments here below.

Year 2007: The first time ever that I won this event. I was not even considered a favorite to win this championship, so the final result was a surprise to everybody. Yesterday, I went through my old score sheets and found my games from this tournament. I analyzed and honestly I was satisfied with the quality of my games. 
I was very happy to win an open tournament at the age of thirteen. As you can see in the photo below, I can barely even lift the trophy! 

Year 2011: Winning the tournament after a gap of five years... In those five years either I didn't play or I didn't play well enough to win the event. Unfortunately, the beautiful silver shield is a rolling trophy and cannot be taken back home.

Year 2012: In most probability I have been starting my serious chess year from the month of May every year. Because I focus on academics and get back to playing Chess only after my exams. So naturally, this event has been my first event of the year, for a long time and it's good to start on a good note.

Year 2013: 3 in a row, hat trick! Interestingly, I clinched the trophy in style by scoring a perfect 9/9 points this year.

Year 2014: As the years passed by, my game too kept on progressing. Now I have become a total favorite of this tournament, and I strike again! I wish there was some rule in how many times a players should win an event to actually get the rolling trophy!

Year 2015: Current year and winning for the sixth time. I would like to thank my mother for being with me during all these tournaments and making this success story possible. It would not have been possible without the support from my family. I will keep playing my best and I hope to have more photos with the beautiful trophy, in the coming years!


  1. congratulation rucha......keep going and achieve your goal.....

  2. Congrats Rucha ...
    Finally you proved that you are the only king in the Chess...


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