25 August, 2014

Meeting a Celebrity!

It was around six thirty in the evening. I was attending a very big event in Kolhapur - Satej Youth Fest. I found myself sitting in the row of chairs with a sign next to it, which read 'Achievers.' The sun was setting slowly and the colorful lights seem to shine more brighter. The music was getting louder and the atmosphere was getting fun. Everyone moved along with the music beats which the DJ had specially selected for this day. The event was being attended by thousands of people, mostly college students.
I sat there watching the beautiful dances and there were many more performances in the agenda.

But the main attraction was something else.

A moment showing the audience engaged in the show.

Here's what I wrote in my diary, after I got back home.

24 August 2014
11.40 pm, Home

Very very happy. Today was a fantastic day. Okay I will come directly to the whole point. Today I was felicitated by one of the most leading playback singer of India, Arijit Singh!
I feel very lucky that I could get such an opportunity. It was a great event.
It was an amazing experience to listen to a singer live. Arijit Singh sang 3-4 songs. 
  • Tum hi ho from Aashiqi 2 - totally loved it as I always do when I hear this song.
  • Mast Magan from 2 States.
  • Samjhavan - the audience sang with him too!
Everyone joining in the music!

His voice seemed as lovely as I have always listened in his songs. Very natural. No effects.

His performance was followed by the felicitation of Kolhapur's achievers. 
I felt very excited as I went on the stage when my name was called. A video clip of my achievements was shown on the screen. Then, I shook Arijit Singh's hand and accepted the memento and flowers from him. He said something to me, as all of us on the stage posed for the cameras. But this was followed by a loud cheer by the audience and I missed what he had just said.

Me being felicitated by India's one of the leading singer - Arijit Singh during Satej Youth Fest in Kolhapur.

"Sorry?" I said, this time coming closer so that I could hear him.
"Proud of you" he said and smiled.

Initially I had thought of a lot of things to say to him. Like how I am honored to be felicitated by him. And how much I love listening to his songs. But I couldn't say anything right now.
My mind was going through one thing over and over. "Proud of you," Arijit Singh had said that to me.

I was wearing a blazer with a logo embroidered over it, which read 'INDIA.' And at that very moment, suddenly I felt tall... 

The event was attended by thousands of people, mostly students. They all wanted to meet Arijit Singh. After the event some of my friends even messaged me saying how lucky I was. 
Today I have a little realization of how many opportunities Chess has given me so far and will continue to give me ahead. I am recognized. I feel blessed. I feel lucky.     

All because I play Chess.

Images taken from the Facebook page of this event: https://www.facebook.com/SatejYouthFest


  1. Congrates didi...!!!!!!

  2. Very nice story. Congrats!

  3. Thank you for your feedback!

  4. Anonymous24 June, 2015

    Nooo Rucha, chess is lucky to have you :) Arijit may've just expressed what chess and everything else would've felt about you :)

    1. Haha, that's too much! But thank you for your kind words :)

  5. ASTASIO LOPEZ David30 October, 2017

    ^ Creo que tiene razón. Estoy de acuerdo. El ajedrez tiene suerte de tenerte! Te vi en Benasque cuando eras una niña pequeña. Felicidades por tu título maestro! Bravo! Cómo estás? Cuál es tu próximo torneo? Vendrás a España de nuevo? Tanto España como el ajedrez te extrañan!

    1. Soy muy bien, gracias :) It's good to hear your kind words and thank you for your wishes. I loved the country Spain, when I was there and also the language... hope that I get a chance to visit again sometime!

  6. Astasio Lopez David07 November, 2017

    Si? Todavía lo haces? Después de todo este tiempo?


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