18 July, 2014

Taking my first step!

Dreams are meant to be fulfilled.
Stories are meant to be told.
Feelings are meant to be felt.
Words are meant to be spoken.
And thoughts are meant to be expressed.

Welcome to my world. It is a place where nothing is impossible, where creativity is more than just a word and where challenges are meant to be taken.

    Hello everyone, my name is Rucha. I am an international Chess player. I started playing Chess when I was six and a half and now this field is my career. Some people ask me ”Why did you choose Chess?” Looking back I can only say that I never chose Chess. It’s just that I fell in love with this game and then never looked back.
    On the academic front, I am studying Arts and Literature. For me, I have always believed that academics and Chess should be pursued simultaneously. Even though hard, it is possible to find a balance. I have a strong opinion that education should never be ignored.
    I like to read, travel and meet new people. I enjoy trying out different activities, like painting, designing, drawing, photography… But then I realized that it is the art of learning that I enjoy the most. And yes, I like to write as well. That’s where the idea of this blog came in.

 With this post, I am taking my first tiny step into the world of blogging. 

What topics will you be reading here?
That question will remain unanswered by me. Come on, this is just a beginning! Why don’t you keep following and find out?

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