24 July, 2014

Indian TV Serials: where the story goes from somewhere to nowhere!

This is the only place where a person takes ten minutes, literally, to walk down the staircase.
This is the place where a person says his thoughts aloud, even in solitude.
This is the place where the music can appear from no-where, even if the shot is set in a dungeon.
This is the place where people wear designer clothes, put two kilos of make-up & fight on trivial issues.
This is the place where the problems that the characters are facing, are just too fancy for us, the mere mortals to even imagine.

Welcome to the world of Indian Television Serials.

But is anyone complaining? On the contrary, everyone is happy.
“So if you don’t like then don’t watch….” is the general reply from the majority.

Television has the capacity to reach a large audience. As they say about books that “You are what you read”, same can be applied here with “You are what you watch.” The serials that we watch daily leaves a lot of influence on our lives. It makes us believe that the
reel world is the real world. 
The serials telecast what the majority of the public want to see, and sadly we are interested in hypothetical drama, and thus the real issues in the society remain untold.

You might protest that there are few serials which take some issues of society seriously, and have a good story line. It might be true. But again it is also an unequivocal truth that, these stories end up in the ocean of drama & emotional crises – for both the character and the viewer.

 So these serials take us into another world. We go so deep into the story that, we start to relate ourselves with the characters. Their problems suddenly become ours. After associating ourselves with the characters, we derive a new sense of responsibility of solving their problems, and get a chance to use our precious brains to think of what will happen next. But sometimes, the doorbell or the phone rings and interrupt us ‘only’ to bring us back into the ordinary reality.

The last time when I watched this episode of one of the popular serials, the characters were trying to
Image used for pictorial representation only.
solve some (apparently) major problem. The entire atmosphere and every single person was very serious. 
The appropriate dialogues, camera and sound effects intensified the problem that they were facing in their ‘ordinary’ lives to that extent that, it actually brought tears in my eyes.

And the tears came because I was laughing very hard.

So what is the most impressive thing about these serials?
Well, there are a lot of factors. The entertainment quotient is of course very high. In thirty to sixty minutes you get to see a lot of drama. The various special effects bring forward the advances in technology.  
But personally, the thing which I find the most impressive about these serials is the viewer’s ability to keep track of the story-line, as the story goes from somewhere to nowhere!


  1. Tv serials are entertainment things and it It Part of Imagination And Our Society People Interested In Drama It Is Outside Or Inside like Television.

    1. Yes, although I would like to add that this is just a piece of satire, and meant to be taken lightly!


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